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This website will be replaced on January 1st, 2019 with the new version of CJIS. If you have not already done so, please create an account at https://production.starkcjis.org and get familiar with the new layout and features. Please be sure to use the comments box if you have issues or suggestions. Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we make this transition.

Notice: You must comply with the following terms. Any violation of the following terms will result in your immediate removal from the (CJIS) system and possible prosecution.
  1. This system contains private information such as Social Security numbers that are not considered public records. Any dissemination of this information for purposes other than, for the use of law enforcement investigations, prosecution or other related criminal justice matters, will result in your immediate removal from the (CJIS) system and possible prosecution.
  2. You may use your secured access and password from any computer although;
    1. You must close your browser window when finished so no one else may gain access from your secured user access.
    2. You shall not share or give your secured user access or password to, or with anyone else.
    3. In the event that someone else uses your account as a result from (a.) or (b.) above, you will immediately be removed from the (CJIS) system and you may be prosecuted.
  3. You will be required to change your password from time to time or you may call the systems administrator if you wish to have your password changed at another time for security purposes. In the event that you feel your password may have been stolen, call the systems administrator immediately so your password can be discontinued and you may be assigned a new one.
  4. All user inquires are subject to review and auditing by the CJIS Administrator, Coordinator, and/or CJIS board.